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Mr Booch hero

From kombi's to kombucha

I have a confession to make... The first time I tried kombucha I wasn’t a big fan. At the time, a friend was trying to convince me to start a kombucha business, so when my first experience wasn’t overly great it was gonna be a hard sell.

When I tried kombucha – or booch – from the tap, everything changed. The difference? Booch on tap is traditionally brewed, double fermented, organic and raw, unlike most of what you’ll find in the supermarket. Tap booch was punchier and more natural tasting and I was a quick convert. And so began our booch journey.

My wife, Reanne, and I started selling kombucha at our local markets in the Illawarra out of a kombi van, and eventually progressed to opening our very own Mr Booch shop (formerly known as Booch Bar) within our local community. The locals have warmly embraced us and the products we offer, and we couldn’t be more happy to welcome them in to pick up their regular supply of booch or offer them a taste of the latest flavour.
I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. We love giving our customers the full booch experience both instore and online.
Mr Booch (Mick)